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The need to live in a beautiful home is universal
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The need to live in a beautiful home is universal

By Director at Intezine Lifestyles
need to live beautiful home

It is said, “home is where heaven is”.

The process of converting a home to heaven is, by far, the most important one in our lives. Often, it is also the most troublesome one, considering the overall process and decisions one must make at every stage of the process.

Over this series of articles, we will go through a journey where we shall discuss and deliberate finer nuances of doing up interiors of our home. We shall go through the entire gamut of commonly occurring questions and attempt to answer them.

So, why do we feel a need to do up our home?

Our home is our haven to relax, rejuvenate and re-energise before stepping out, each day, to face the world. It is our favorite place to dream and gather strength to chase our dreams. It is a place, which keeps all our dear ones together and gives us vigor to keep up with the world. Itreflects our personality and assumes the position of pride in our lives. To beautify this place of pride becomes a very importantdecision that has long term effects in our lives.

The urge to do up a home is universal, irrespective of age, gender, location or social standing. Once a decision of doing up our heaven is made, in phases or at one go; a search begins viz.that dining table set seen in the exhibition, the comfortable sofa at theneighbor’s house, thosebeautiful curtains in the furnishing shop, lighting and artefacts in a magazine, and so on. It becomes a matter of choosing every piece which reflects your personality and sometimes your aspirations.

One embarksupon the journey, and this is when the creative and technical aspects hit you– space utilization, styles, look, materials, products and all the agencies or vendors that will help you realize your dream.

Taking the help of a professionals saves time and resources. This, however, is often debated -- you will meet people that advise vociferously about the pros of engaging a professional and those that passionately consider professionals as redundant. However, practical experience of an expertoften brings pragmatism toyour fancies and imagination and can spare you a lot of headache. It could make sense to choose and go with an expert best suited to your tastes and sensibilities, and one thataccommodates your ideas.Or, should you just go on your own and trust the vision and creativity you have, with the hope that the different vendors/artisans you engage will help you meet your aspirations?

The experience and journey of doing up one’s home should become memorable and pleasurable. Tomake it so, various factors need to be considered before embarking on the journey. We will discuss thesein our next article.

The author is a Director at Intezine Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.

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