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Considerations before doing up a home

By Director at Intezine Lifestyles
consideration while doing up home

In the previous posting, we discussed how a home is thefocus of all our energies and the need to do up one’s home is a universal aspiration. We also touched upon this highly personal connotation, about taking help of professionals to provide ideation and options based on your requirements, and to make the process easier for you.

So, what are the challenges while initiating the process of doing up a home?.

Multiple factors need to be considered while doing up anyspace. Number of occupants, age, culture, preferences, type of space, and so on. Once these are established,other considerations like space utilization, furniture, furnishing, fixtures, artefacts, flooring, walls, ceiling, illumination, colors, storage, etc. come into play and need to be thought about, simultaneously.

The fact that every occupant may have unique needs and opinions is a reality that needs to be addressed. The likes of each individual and their day-to-day lifestyle determine his/her perspective. The requirements may also vary with time. So, unlike a corporate or commercial space, which everyone will be entering solely for business or recreational purposes, a residential space needs to be ready to handle multiple usage scenarios simultaneously.

Each of us visits places and often likesstyles or detailing or the way something has been done up. It registers in the mind. When the time comes, all such mental notes start popping out and lead to too many, and often conflicting, requirements. Many a times, these do not fit in harmoniously, putting you in a spot and in a confused and possibly frustrated state of mind.

To top it all, there will be multitude of your friends, acquaintances and relatives that stat sharing views on and experiences while doing up a home. Amongst others, you may get to hear about :

  • Contemporary, traditional, modern and other styles of interior design.
  • Materials available, and do not be surprised to get diametrically opposite views on the same material - ply boards, MDF boards, laminates, veneers, solid surfaces, plain polish, melamine polish, PU polish, plain glass, etched glass, textured glass, leather, fabric, etc. The list could be endless.

Preferences and requirements apart, budget and timeline are constraints that will drive your choices.

It does not end here. Another critical challenge that can define your journey is identification and appointment ofappropriate and reliable agencies that will convert your ideas to reality – design, carpentry, painting, civil work, plumbing, and right sources of all materials and building blocks required.

Another important factor having major implication on the process is project management viz. working and coordinating with each agency and supplier to ensure adherence to design, quality and schedule and cost. Time availability and willingness to explore the market is key!

There is a choice and decision to be made at every stage!

In our next article we will discuss these in detail. We will explore options and how to go about making those decisions.

The author is a Director at Intezine Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.

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