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Design considerations while doing up a home - Part 1

By Director at Intezine Lifestyles
design considerations

The last two blog posts summarized various considerations before one embarks on what could be a rollercoaster ride of doing up a dream haven.

This article focuses on design, specifically, 3 important design considerations viz. furniture layout, lighting requirement and colour schemes.

The next logical step after identifying an allocating space is size and placement of furniture artefacts. It is important that one considers anthropometric data i.e. data pertaining to sizes of people and products; in this case the furniture - height, width and depth of each artefact along with materials and finishes. Usability of standardized sizes and feasibility of getting non-standard sized furniture need to be looked at. This will be good time to, at a high level,decide between the right mix of customized and readymade furniture.

While deciding on the layout, it is important to consider aspects like functionality, open spaces, circulation pattern, ease of movement, and so on. Final look and feel apart, these aspects too need to be weighed-in carefully.

Lighting designcan alterthe perception of any space. It can alter moods, create points of interest and highlight elements, central to you design. Properly lit environments not only improve people experience but also affect energy requirement. Availability of natural light, its duration, ambience that one wishes to create, illumination type required, etc. need a careful evaluation. A combination of ambient or general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting help in achieving the desired effect.

Right colours can help create the space one envisages. It is important to understand that colours have a psychological impact and are symbolic as well. Irrespective of all theories, it is essential that colors express you and your persona. While finalizing any colour theme, the target space must be looked at, in totality viz. furniture, walls, flooring, lighting, furnishing and artefacts.There is a visible two-way relationship/effect between colour and these.

The author is a Director at Intezine Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.

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